Our Team

Part of the success of Xojo is not just its continued existence and evolution, but that those of us who had the original vision to make development possible for anyone are still continuing to nurture it, help it grow and keep it modern. Though more have joined us along the way, there’s tremendous value in the consistency of that vision.

Meet our team - a lot of happy, enthusiastic people who are passionate about enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary things with software!

Xojo is used by people in

Xojo's name

People ask us where the Xojo name comes from. Originally called REALbasic, we decided to redefine our brand to own what we truly do. So we came up with "Xojo," where the X stands for cross-platform and "ojo" represents our object-oriented programming language.

We seriously love where we work

We work all over the globe - in our home offices, coffee shops, airports, parks and everywhere in between! In 2008 we decided it was time to ditch the traditional office space and venture into the world of a distributed workforce. We see each other in person as often as we can but stay in touch constantly via digital communications.

Join our Team

If you're interested in joining our team, please check out our current openings and submit your contact information and resume to jobs@xojo.com.