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XDC Keynote Address - Geoff Perlman, Xojo

Kickoff the Xojo Developer Conference with the Keynote Address from Geoff Perlman. He'll talk about Xojo's accomplishments and look to the future, discussing new features and plans that are in the pipeline.

Getting to the XAML Islands - William Yu, Xojo

Are you confused and tired to hear about all the technologies that Microsoft/Windows keeps pushing and deprecating? Are you ready to upgrade your life and go all in on WinUI? If this is you, then hop on this session to fast track your way onto XAML Islands with the guide of Xojo!

Multiplatform Madness - Paul Lefebvre, Xojo

Xojo started on Mac back in 1998, but over the past 20+ years has matured into a multiplatform framework not only for Mac, but also Windows, Linux, web and mobile. In this session we will talk about some of the similarities and differences between these varied platforms, discuss architecture and UI design considerations, plus we will look at ways to share code between projects.

JSON: Your Best Friend - Stefanie Juchmes, MonkeyBread Software

Stefanie will explain what JSON is and how to work with it in Xojo with the MBS plugins. Using the practical example of a weather station, she will show you how to read JSON data and process it in your applications.

Design Patterns for the Patternless - Marc Zeedar, xDev Magazine Publisher

You may have heard about Design Patterns, but you aren't sure what they are, how they'd help, or how to implement them in Xojo. In this introduction, Marc covers the basics of patterns, demonstrates their usefulness, and explores examples in Xojo.

Web 1.0 to 2.0 Migration - David Cox, Holy Mackerel Software

Some of us have a huge investment in Web 1.0 (2019R3.1) applications and have heard that transitioning to Web 2.0 (2022R4.1) is hard. David will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of both Web 1.0 and 2.0, what challenges you may face, what is missing and what is new in Web 2.0, who should migrate and who should not, how to plan the migration and what steps you will need to take. David will demonstrate the benefits of Web 2 along with some third-party aids that make life even better with Web 2.0.

Android Activation - Travis Hill, Xojo

Get the very latest news on Xojo's Android support and walk through the creation of an Android app, play with some declares, and learn how to leverage your existing Xojo skills to make the creation of Android apps a snap.

Making Everything the Same - Bob Gordon

Bob will explain a way you can simplify and streamline your development process by subclassing Xojo's built-in controls.

Creating a Multi-Language User Interface in Your Xojo Apps - Jim Meyer

Could your app benefit from a multi-language user interface? Do you find creating such an app beyond your resources? Using Machine Learning based translation services, a few simple Xojo features and a free Xojo project, Jim shows that you can quickly and cheaply help overcome this problem.

Extending Xojo with the MBS Plugins - Christian Schmitz, MonkeyBread Software

Christian will discuss the benefits of using the MBS plugins as well as present what is new and how you can extend your Xojo apps with these powerful plugins.

Graphic Charts... beyond Web! - Javier Menendez, Xojo

Join Javier to learn hints, tips and tricks to get the most out of data visualization on your Desktop, Web and Mobile projects.

Microservices with Xojo - Ricardo Cruz, Xojo

Ricardo will discuss the reasons for considering microservices, their benefits, challenges and best practices.

The Landscape of Intellectual Property - Amy Barnes

Amy will introduce some important things to consider when it comes to protecting intellectual property - from your brand to IP registration and licensing.

From Desktop and Web to iOS Lands - Javier Menendez

Javier will walk you through some tips, tricks and considerations to pave the way of transitioning your apps to iOS.

Panel Discussion - The Future with Artificial Intelligence

AI's have been in the news a lot lately. How will this affect our day to day lives? Join this panel for an interesting discussion about AI uses, ethics and the future. Panelists: Geoff Perlman, Paul Lefebvre, Yousaf Shah, Jim Meyer

Panel Discussion - Ask the Xojo Engineers

During this panel, get your questions answered live by the Xojo Engineering Team. Panelists: Travis Hill, William Yu, Paul Lefebvre, Javier Menendez, Ricardo Cruz

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