Use the same Xojo programming language to develop apps for both iOS and Android.

Native controls

With 30+ user interface controls built-in, like customizable tables, powerful graphics and sound, your app will look and behave right on your mobile device.

Drag & drop UI Builder

Build your user interface by dragging items onto your screen - a push button, a field, a slider. Resize and rearrange until it's just right.

Access iOS Hardware

Access the device features you'd expect, like sharing panel and your photo library, and also the device's hardware-based features, like motion, location and camera.


Android apps can be build with macOS, Windows and Linux. Apple requires iOS apps to be built with a Mac.

Build Your User Interface Quickly

With Xojo, creating a mobile app is simple. Design your app with drag and drop using the layout editor, add your code with the Xojo programming language and publish. You can build your first Xojo app in minutes!

Get started on your first mobile app today.


Xojo Mobile: iOS and Android (Beta)

Powerful development. Xojo is an intuitive integrated development environment. It has a drag and drop user interface builder and the powerful, object-oriented Xojo programming language.

Seriously native. Xojo apps look native because they are. Using the many built in controls you can build your user interface. Plus, you can access almost any feature you need using declares. Xojo also has device-specific features, like device rotation, easy access to the camera, sharing panel support, and more.

Xojo will save you time. Xojo can be used to develop apps for iPhone and iPad, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, the web and Raspberry Pi. You also don’t have to learn the specific OS programming APIs. Xojo abstracts you from complex OS details allowing you to easily create apps for multiple OS’s without extra work.

Great for novices and experts. We're here to help! Xojo includes extensive documentation, videos and example projects to get you going. Plus, Xojo is free for development and learning, so work through the Tutorials and get ready to become a mobile application developer in just a few hours.

Ready to build your app?

All Xojo licenses give you access to new Xojo releases for a 12 month period. After your license expires you may continue to build with any release distributed during that 12 month period, indefinitely. You are never required to renew your Xojo license and can do so anytime before or after its expiration.

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