About Xojo Pro Plus

What is Xojo Pro Plus?
Some Xojo users want a higher level of interaction with us and that’s what Xojo Pro Plus is all about. It includes our highest level of support combined with a Xojo Pro license.

Top Priority Support
Get your issues resolved with our highest level of support. Your support questions will be answered with our fastest turnaround time and your bug reports will be verified first.

Fast Fixes
We'll work closely with you to resolve your issues. That may mean helping you track down an issue in your code, getting a bug fixed more quickly and helping you find a workaround.

2X Activations
Xojo Pro Plus users can activate their license on up to 6 of their machines. The license itself is per user, just like all Xojo licenses.

You can upgrade any license to Xojo Pro Plus. To see your special upgrade discounted price, click here.