Aprende Xojo

AXImageCanvas - The Supercharged Canvas with Database Binding!



Database binding with CRUD operations and full records navigation, full drag and drop support; Resizing Handlers; Undo support (ten levels), HiDPI / Retina / Dark Mode enabled; Copy, Cut, Paste, Clear... and much more!



AXControlGrid is a complete and powerful Xojo desktop UI component for macOS and Windows that it makes possible to put Canvas-based controls in a page of a given size (width and height) with their associated captions.



AXNumValidatedTF is a Xojo TextField subclass for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows the input validation of a defined numeric range, using the system locale settings for decimal and grouping text formatting.

Markdown Parser for Xojo


An unencrypted Xojo class, that allows Xojo developers to parse Markdown into HTML + CSS on the fly. Get visually enriched results that are ready to use for document conversion, templates, invoices and more.



GuancheID is the easiest way to get a unique ID for macOS and Windows. It lets you make sure your software only runs on the computer the license has been generated for. Use it in combination with GuancheMOS or with your own software Licensing scheme.



Since 2005, GuancheMOS is the prefered serial number creation and validation engine plug-in used by Xojo developers all over the world in their shareware and commercial apps.

SQLite (Spanish eBook)


Learn how to create a SQLite database directly from code, either in memory or on disk.

AprendeXojo (Spanish eBook)


This book (in Spanish) is aimed at people who want to learn Xojo. Wether you are taking your first step in the world of programming or are an experienced programmer who wants to start creating cross-platform applications with Xojo, this ebook is a great place to start!